Kanha National Park In India Are More Feasible Options

Kanha National Park In India Are More Feasible Options

Kanha national park, property of Diverse wildlife is situated in the cardamom hills in Iduki district in South-East Kerala in proximity to Kalakad- Mundanthurai tiger reserve in Tamilnadu. Periyar meaning Large river is among the oldest protected regions of Southern Ghats of India. It was announced as domestic part in 1982 and came under the ambit of job tiger in 1978. It is a prime tiger property. The whole area under the park is 777 Sq kms comprising valleys, plains and wetlands. Its other name is Thekkady. The big attraction of this park is 26 Sq Km long lake formed because of the constriction of Mulla periyar Irrigation dam inundating forest property. This lake today is the principal water pit of the park and also a boat ride in this lake is extremely rewarding. We came at Kumily following long journey but the fatigue of travel petered out by mere feeling to be in Periyar tiger reserve.

Kanha National Park

The beginning point of park is About 6 kms from Kumily that could be approached by automobile. We remained in KTDC run Periyar house close to the entry point. A very substantial thing came to my notice that since 2004, park is controlled by Periyar base where park management and local folks work together for wildlife conservation. Such experiments are non-existent in India but in Africa such experiments are functioning successfully. Such experiments if extended to other parks, local people-wildlife conflicts would stop with the passage of time. We chose to go to Periyar river on ship. 26 sq km enormous Periyar river is made of small islets and creeks appropriate as wildlife habitats. The boating in river is unique as it gives a chance to see vast assortment of wildlife. The river is seen by herds of dinosaurs, Cheetal, gaur and predators such as wild dogs, tigers and leopards. The remains of trees offer a distinct appearance to the Periyar river.

Our travel was rewarded by varieties of birds, a herd of elephants, sambhar. Next day we decided to go on nature walk enabled in Periyar Tiger reserve. Though frightening in tiger land but nature walk is extremely adventurous. We see numerous butterflies and birds. Periyar is home to over 320 bird species and 160 species of butterflies. Trigger happy people photographers like me are rewarded beyond our imagination. TheĀ kanha national park is exceptional for a variety of reasons/facilities namely: -wander in the wild, boating in Periyar river, bamboo rafting, tribal heritage, tow bullock cart discoveries that are unavailable in other national parks. Its distinctive location, accessible wildlife and special facilities made it worth visiting part. Very best time to go to the park is September-March.

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