Version and The Origin of Business Astrology

Version and The Origin of Business Astrology

The history of astrological Growth is as foggy as the history of humankind. Definitely, there is a theory of biological evolution developed by Charles Darwin and others, saying that all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural choice of small, inherited variations that increase the person’s ability to compete, survive, and reproduce. Also, there is a not-fully-proven concept of an astrology development which our ancestors observed- that they detected the star sky, wrote everything down, that happened there, and consequently they came to the conclusion that, allegedly, some configurations in the skies correspond to a proceedings on the ground. I Don’t Want to go deep into Scientific disputes, but the concept of Mankind as a consequence of natural selection appears to me unreal. For the tens of centuries reflected in history, people changed very little. In precisely the exact same way I don’t consider possible the occurrence of astrology only from observation.

Business Astrology

Certainly, lots of imperative astrological observations have been done before, particularly in Babylon. However, their purpose wasn’t the discovery but the acknowledgement of astrological laws. Obviously, we can continue from where these theories came, etc. If we continue to do this we will go too far out of our world of interests in a practical business astrology. There are many blank spots in the history of astrology. When you try to understand it quite frequently there is an impression, that there once existed a comprehensive knowledge that was slowly forgotten. By way of instance, there exists the proof that the very deep and comprehensive understanding of astronomy that is, really, astrology as the astronomy at that time was an integral part of astrology were around in Egypt in days of the Pyramids’ creation, which is about 2400 BC. Around that time 1650 BC they created complex calendars and it seems like afterwards on the Egyptians started to overlook the astronomical basis of these calendars.

It is possible to tell that Astrology has come to Europe we will focus on the European branch of astrology as the nearest to us in the Egyptian, Babylonian, and Persian sources. The middlemen in this process, also interpreters and vendors of astrological knowledge in the first century AD., were the Greek philosophers. The Greek novels were a source of astrology to the civilized world of these times, such as the Roman Empire. Astrology played a significant role in the Roman Empire and from IV century AD, was eventually stated as a public science. But after the Roman Empire Collapsed around 500 AD and the growth of the barbarian kingdoms in Europe present-day Italy, France, Germany, etc. the astrological tradition in Western and Central Europe stopped. And in the east, at the Byzantium Empire, political and religious conditions completely suppressed the practice of an astrology.

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